Bathroom Renovation

Posted in Archive on 12 January, 2008 (13:44)

Behold the amazing bathroom we inherited with our house! (Click to open in new window)

It had to go… the pointless purple decking, whose only purpose was to hide the plumbing which was lazily above the floor! the nasty tiny grey bath and the basin under the boiler.. it was all just wrong!

Obviously before destroying this lot we had to decide what to do with the space, we both agreed we wanted a corner bath and in the future a shower cabinet. The room itself is nice and big but an old chimney in one corner could potentially make fitting things in a bit of a pain. I measured the room up and produced a floorplan as with dimensions from a bathroom set Emma had her eye on (plan visible below)

The chimney is visible in this plan in the top right, and as you can see it makes things pretty tight, there’s little space between the bath and shower, and additionally you get a huge gap between the bath and the wall which would probably have to be made into be a tiled shelf. However anything was better than what was there so the tearing out began! (Click to open in new window)

The more we took away the more problems we found. It turned out all the walls had been covered with plasterboard and then skimmed over. Removing this rubbish uncovered damp, nasty plasterboard that had turned to mulch and under all that, artex! and what a bloody nightmare that was to remove, literally hours of steaming and scraping on my part, miserable. Alot of the original render was also in a bad state so this needed patching up before we got a plasterer in to skim. Aaaaand… we got a little carried away and ripped out that chimney seeing as its unused and it not being there doesnt provide any structural risk. With the assistance of our Dads we patched up the hole with mortar and filled in the other holes ready for skimming. (Click to open in new window)

Getting rid of all those horrible layers around the walls and the chimney had made the room feel worlds bigger, and once the walls were skimmed we could start painting and plumbing in the new bath suite. (Click to open in new window)

Considering we wanted to fit a shower in and this suite was only bath, basin and toilet we decided there was no point in laying any floortiles as of yet as we’d just have to pull them up to plumb in the shower, so the project went on hold for a time, but I produced a 3D version of the room so we could see what it’d look like when it’s all finished. (Click to open in new window)

In case you’re wondering, the box to the left of the window is a cupboard I am going to build to house the boiler. I’m doing this for a number of reasons, firstly it keeps it out of sight and hides all the piping spewing out of it, and secondly it will double up as a storage area for fresh towels etc.

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4 Responses to Bathroom Renovation

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  1. Dragon on 3 February, 2010 at (11:24)

    Nice. I’m guessing its all done now. Did you need to apply any waterproofing to the floors and walls?

    • James on 3 February, 2010 at (17:53)

      Yep just about! The only thing left to do is put the boxing around the boiler and then we are sorted! As far as waterproofing goes we used bathroom paint which seals to a degree and then tiled the floor and halfway up the walls. I say ‘we’ but Emmas parents actually did the tiling 🙂

  2. jennylee on 6 August, 2010 at (15:05)

    Wow! nice Job! If you need some help or just inspiration for your house callMr-Skill.

  3. Renov on 14 January, 2011 at (06:40)

    You’ve made a great job, on the renovation. Even with a small space of your bathroom you’ve made a great remodeling designs and made it more elegant and beautiful.

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