Floods Coming!

I’ve just been out walking the dog around Saltaire, the world heritage village we live on the edge of, and as we headed down to the park the river Aire was almost overflowing! I took a few pictures but the only camera I had was the VGA one on my Sidekick so please excuse the grainy crappiness of the below. (pictures pop)

The building on the left is the boathouse, and unsurprisingly it’s no longer a boathouse it’s now a pub. The old mooring walkway is still there and in this picture is completely covered by water.

To put in context just how high the river is, that bank on the far side usually has a good 4ft drop before there’s any water!

The river has a manmade drop in it next to the mill, I couldn’t get a decent shot but that white stuff is a huge torrent of foam.

Another shot of the boathouse.

So yes, that was my exciting afternoon walk with the dog! and no, he didn’t poop outside.

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  1. 18/01/2008

    Sheesh. Hope you live a LONG way from the river …

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