Puppy Training – Week 2

Posted in Archive on 16 January, 2008 (19:21)

I’m so glad we signed up for this class, the lady who runs it (Julie) really knows her stuff! Pickles really responds to her teaching and actually listens when we try it as well! Pickles even ended up demonstrating alot this week as teachers dog was having a week off, whether he was demonstrating because he’s awesome or whether it’s because he’s so naughty I wouldn’t like to guess!

So this week was all about getting the dog to sit and lay down using hand gestures and treats, then slowly phasing the treats out and also introducing the keywords(sit, down etc..) We also dealt with jumping up – Pickles’ favourite game!

The best bit this week was the “puppy swap” where we all passed our dogs around to the left, got to play with the other dog for a bit then pass it on until we get or own pooch back, great fun!

Just got to persist now and make sure the teaching sticks and then everything will be great!

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