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App Review: Ghostbusters

App Review: Ghostbusters

Posted in Games on 30 January, 2013

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Oh Ghostbusters, how I wanted to love you…
App Review: Middle Manager of Justice

App Review: Middle Manager of Justice

Posted in Games on 23 January, 2013

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One downside of moving to another country is the non-essentials usually have to be left […]
Tokyo Game Show 2012

Tokyo Game Show 2012

Posted in Games on 3 October, 2012

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A couple of weeks ago, I flew to Tokyo to attend the 2012 Tokyo Game […]
Gunslinger Stratos

Gunslinger Stratos

Posted in Games on 28 July, 2012

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Square Enix continue their assault on mediocre gaming with this innovative, if slightly insane arcade […]
Gyrozetter, arcade gaming at it's finest

Gyrozetter, arcade gaming at its finest

Posted in Games on 12 July, 2012

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Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter is a new arcade game from Square Enix, released on June 21 […]
8bit cafe

8bit cafe, Tokyo

Posted in Games on 28 June, 2012

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Tokyo is home to many theme Cafes, and I think I have a new favourite! […]
App Review - Pocket Planes

App Review: Pocket Planes

Posted in Games on 17 June, 2012

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The latest release from Nimblebit LLC, makers of the delightfully addictive Tiny Tower puts you […]
Yakuza 5 details

Yakuza 5 details

Posted in Games on 26 May, 2012

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SEGA have launched the official website for Yakuza 5, offering loads of information on this […]