App Review: Colony Attack

Posted in Games on 26 February, 2013 (14:58)

App Review: Colony Attack
Let’s go to the colonies!

Colony Attack reminds me of those old forum-based strategy games from the late-nineties which had tons of stats but very little in the way of graphics. This game takes that gameplay style and gives you a snazzy front-end from which to do your galactic conquering.

App Review: Colony Attack
This space strategy game starts you out on a barren planet, it’s here you’ll build various facilities and create your massive space fleet for exploration and attack missions. Building happens in real-time, with the amount of time taken to complete ramping up as you progress.

App Review: Colony Attack App Review: Colony Attack
The ship designs are presented using nicely realised 3D models with good detail. Accessing the higher tiers of vessel requires you to upgrade your base – a task which can be sped up using nanites(premium currency). Upgrades are also available to improve the stats of your facilities and vessels.

App Review: Colony Attack App Review: Colony Attack
Once you’ve amassed a suitably sized fleet, it’s time to venture out into the galaxy, exploring debris, nebulae and asteroids or attacking the evil empire, pirates and other players too. Disappointingly there is no graphical element for any of this, and you’ll simply be provided a text-based report once the mission has completed. Missions will sometimes yield rewards including extra resources or salvaged vessels to add to your fleet.

There’s not a whole lot of game here, but I still find Colony Attack pretty addictive. It requires plenty of attention in the early hours, but once upgrades and build time progresses to the 12-24hour levels you’ll find yourself coming back to it less and less frequently.

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  1. francys on 2 December, 2013 at (04:12)

    si vous voulez une alliance francaise joignez undertaker. et ne vous fier pas a ce forum les graphic sont beaucoup meilleur aujourduit

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