App Review: Middle Manager of Justice

Posted in Games on 23 January, 2013 (04:12)

App Review: Middle Manager of Justice
One downside of moving to another country is the non-essentials usually have to be left behind. For me, this meant leaving my beloved games consoles to gather dust, so currently I’m a mobile(and arcade) only gamer. But luckily for me, mobile gaming is better than ever! Each week I’ll aim to provide a write up of something I’ve been playing, sometimes new, sometimes old, starting this week with Middle Manager of Justice.

Double Fine’s first mobile release, Middle Manager of Justice puts you in charge of a small superhero office, your tasks as the mighty middle manager include improving office facilities, training your team and completing various crime-fighting missions against some crazed super villains.

Middle Manager of Justice Middle Manager of Justice
Essentially one of those “select an action and wait” mobile games, MMOJ pads out the format with the trademark Double Fine humour and fantastic cartoon graphics. As with most freemium games the pace feels a bit artificially slowed – you’ll find yourself doing a ton of grinding later in the game so consider buying some of the bonuses early on if you find the game grabbing you, it’ll be more fun and supporting the devs is no bad thing!

There are a total of eight heroes to recruit, each with their own unique style and set of abilities. It’s down to you keep your employees happy and decide how to develop their skills, piling skill points into strength, health defence or intelligence as you see fit. Each hero also has an upgradable costume(because every good hero needs spandex) and a set of three special abilities which can be levelled up by spending time in the office gym.

Middle Manager of Justice Middle Manager of Justice
Battles have two options, “watch” or “delegate” – watch allowing full control of the battle and delegate lets you carry on back at the office. Fighting uses an ATB-style system, your team will automatically use their standard attacks while you control their special abilities plus your own middle manager powers. You’re also in charge of dishing out the cure items such as strength or defense boosters – generally if you watch a battle with a mid to low chance of success, you can usually get your team through in one piece. Interspersed throughout the game are the occasional “special event” which are solo missions that can take the form of a bus/flaming building rescue or a boss battle.

Middle Manager of Justice is identified as “Double Fine App No.1” on the title screen, so I’m hoping for more releases in the near future. This game is addictive, fun and free to play, so give it a go!

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