App Review: Pocket Planes

Posted in Games on 17 June, 2012 (09:58)

App Review - Pocket Planes App Review - Pocket PlanesThe latest release from Nimblebit LLC, makers of the delightfully addictive Tiny Tower puts you in charge of your very own airline!

App Review - Pocket Planes App Review - Pocket Planes
After a short tutorial and picking a country to operate in, you’re thrown straight into transporting both passengers and cargo. There’s a bit of waiting to begin with, but things quickly ramp up as you gain more cities to fly to and planes in your fleet, collecting various upgrades and parts for new planes along the way.

App Review - Pocket Planes App Review - Pocket Planes
Graphically, Pocket Planes retains the charming blocky style of Tiny Tower which makes it feel instantly familiar. Customisation returns in the form of changing the outfits of your pilots and repainting your planes. Other Tiny Tower features such as the Facebook style Bitbook make a return too.

The game is free, with a premium currency which can be earned or bought in bulk through in-app purchases. It’s already proving to be alot of fun, and I can see it becoming my new addiction, why not try it too and join my flight crew – Tubbygaijin Air 🙂

Pocket Planes iTunes preview

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