App Review: Superman

Posted in Games on 18 November, 2011 (08:43)

App Review - SupermanApp Review - Superman
To say this is the best Superman game in years is hardly a stretch, but this game is miles ahead of the tepid past attempts.

Simplicity is the key here, from the minimalist title to the context sensitive controls, everything feels right. The game places you into a side scrolling Metropolis which you can navigate freely, including punching straight upwards into outer space. Graphics are simple but set the scene well, and this means the game runs silky smooth at all times – I’d recommend downloading the HD textures if your handset can support it. The story is told through comic panels between levels and the occasional popup in-game. Supes himself is made up of pre rendered shots(Abes Odysee style) which makes his movements nice and fluid(modelled after classic Superman as opposed to the DC 52 version).

App Review - Superman   App Review - Superman

App Review - Superman   App Review - Superman

Enemies come in waves, and you’ll be pitted against fires, stricken aircraft, missiles and space debris to name but a few. You can’t die, instead having to complete the tasks at hand as quickly as possible before Metropolis burns. Controls consist of a virtual joystick and 2 buttons, one is a speed booster and the other changes between heat vision, superhuman breath and good old smashing depending on the situation. The joystick is very responsive and the context button means the ability you need is always easily to hand.

App Review - Superman   App Review - Superman

I’m really enjoying this game, it’s challenging but not frustrating, and it’s great fun to try and better your previous score. Each of the 18 levels reward you with a gold, silver or bronze shield based on how well you did, I’m mainly on the bronzes at the moment, golds require you to ace the level in a good time which might be a little touch seeing as I’m not the greatest with touch controls! My only complaint is the lack of the classic John Williams theme, but I’d imagine that was a licensing issue and I can just hum it while playing just fine.

In short, 69p is a steal!

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