Double Fine’s Kickstarter Fund Raises over $3.3 Million

Posted in Games on 14 March, 2012 (07:21)

Double Fine's Kickstarter Fund Raises $3.3 MillionThey came looking for $400k. They got a hell of a lot more than that.

So Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert’s Kickstarter project finised yesterday, raising a collosal $3,336,371 for their new game. It’s a great success for them and a real show of the goodwill and respect they’ve gained from the gaming community over many years of producing brilliant games. The project has also been a really interesting insight into the challenges faced by smaller development teams when trying to get their game to market, with even launching an Xbox LIVE title proving to be a massive financial undertaking.

I find crowd-sourced fundraising fascinating, it’s a great method for all involved and a chance for us gamers to actually give straight to the people who matter. I wonder who will be next to adopt Kickstarter to fund something huge, perhaps Joss Whedon should get on there and let us start throwing money at him to bring back Firefly 🙂 Anyway, I’m drifting off point… I can’t wait for Double Fine Adventure and already consider it $15 well spent.

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