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Posted in Games on 17 April, 2012 (07:47)

Revisiting the original Mass Effect, with some unexpected results.

I was chatting to my friend Ian during a trip to London earlier this month, as well as recommending the brilliant Ghost Trick he mentioned that he’d just purchased all three Mass Effect games to play through for the first time. If you have the patience, waiting for the series to be complete before playing sounds like a great idea, no excruciating 1-2 year gap between games, but your avoidance of spoilers would require ninja-like skills. My interest in the first game rekindled, not to mention I’m too broke to buy Mass Effect 3, I dug out my copy of the original.

First impressions, its aged far better than I thought it would both in both a graphical and gameplay sense. I’m a big fan of Bioware’s KOTOR series, and you can draw parallels between the starting area in that game, Taris and your exploring of the Citadel prior to being given a starship. I’ve been spending alot more time on side quests than the main story in an attempt to build a ridiculously tough squad.

Not sure whether I’m paying more attention this time, or a patch has changed things, but this game is pretty damn glitchy. Usually they’re just harmless graphical “features” like Shepard blinking seemingly with a second set of eyelids, planets disappearing from the night sky when dashing and people glitching onto railings so Shepard spends the entire conversation with his head craned back… Until yesterday.

There I am on Noveria… I’ve taken Anoleis to task and endured a Mako sequence to reach Peak 15.. Rachi soldiers all around me, I duck into a lift to escape.. only to glitch onto the roof and fall down the side into ghost world. Unable to reach the lift button or attempt a save and reload as I’m technically still in combat, I’m forced to quit out. Let’s say my last save is considerably further back – not since Tron 2.0 have I been so bugged by the lack of decent autosave in a game.

Hopefully tonight I’ll get thought that sequence without any wall phasing, the other glitches can stay though, they add a delightful weirdness 🙂

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