Happy Minecraft Day!

Posted in Games on 11 November, 2011 (08:58)

To celebrate the most addictive game ever finally coming out of beta, here are some new shots of my world, along some before and after pics to show how far some areas have come.

The world has changed massively since my last update in March, it’s migrated over to a server that’s mainly used by Rik and myself, it’s really cool to log in or notice on a map render what someone else has been up to 🙂

When I last posted screenshots, my first city was barely done, its second island not even constructed.. Well since it’s been completed, burned down after an update, and been rebuilt. To date I’ve built 4 large settlements, a rail network and some other random junk. Rik’s been busy too, his greatest construction is a giant creeper filled with lava, don’t mess.

My main creations

Brown City
Brown City, where it all began

Airship City(Lindblum)
Airship City(Lindblum) – I have no imagination so I like naming my places after Final Fantasy locations 🙂

Brown Bay
Brown Bay, the pirates haven

Gold Saucer
Gold Saucer, big rollercoaster! Probably needs reworking now that boosters don’t work…

Brown Island
Brown Island

Circle City(Midgard)
Circle City(Might call it Midgard)


[flickrset id=”72157627977379421″ thumbnail=”square” photos=”” overlay=”true” size=”large”]

Before and afters…


So that’s our world, so far! My creations aren’t the biggest, certainly aren’t the smartest but damn do I love this game. I think Rik and I both have a load of plans for new stuff to build, long will this madness continue. Are you a crafter too? Link me to your creations in the comments 🙂

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