Monte 50 – ¥50 game center in Umeda

Posted in Games on 15 November, 2013 (00:16)

Monte 50 - ¥50 game arcade in Umeda
Imagine a place where it’s cheaper to play a whole bunch of videogames than it is to buy a can of coffee… that’s Monte 50!

Monte 50 - ¥50 game arcade in Umeda Monte 50 - ¥50 game arcade in Umeda
A short walk from Umeda station(just around the corner from Donki Kingdom), Monte 50 has hundreds of machines spread across three floors, the best bit – every game will set you back a mere ¥50. You won’t find any lightgun or bemani games here, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton to enjoy – fighting, bullet hell, tabletop, sports and music genres are all well represented.

Monte 50 - ¥50 game arcade in Umeda Monte 50 - ¥50 game arcade in Umeda
During my recent visit I played a bunch of stuff, Gundam vs Gundam NEXT, Gundam Federation vs Zeon DX, Espgaluda II(by masters of bullet hell – Cave) and a whole lot of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited – I still use Hwoarang as my character of choice, the ‘hunting hawk’ is such a satisfying combo to pull off. Check out Monte 50’s full game list on their website!

Monte 50 - ¥50 game arcade in Umeda
You can have hours of fun here, and spend almost nothing, it’s awesome. If you’re feeling particularly cheap you can still have a great time watching the local pro’s battle it out! It may not have the variety of Shibuya Kaikan, but Monte 50 is pretty cool. I usually avoid the Umeda area, preferring to head down to Namba and Nipponbashi, but this gives me much more of a reason visit.

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