Remember Ryan Davis

Posted in Games on 10 July, 2013 (16:05)

Remember Ryan Davis
I didn’t know Ryan Davis, but like so many people I feel like I did.

When I first heard the news of Ryan’s passing yesterday, I let out an audible ‘WHAT?!’. This news was unimaginably awful, he was only 34 and I was listening to him joke around just a few days before. He’d also tragically just got married.

The Giant Bombcast has been a highlight of my week for years now, I always looked forward to Ryan opening cheerily with “Hey everybody, it’s Tuesday!” and proceed to listen to those guys talk about games and random other stuff(his burger shaping method will stay with me!). He was never authoritative or preachy, it was more like listening to an informed friend talking, which is how many people saw him.

We’ve got a wealth of podcasts and video content to remember him through, but knowing he’s gone… just damn sucks.

Funny, articulate and pleasure to listen to, Ryan Davis was one of the best video game journalists in the industry, that’s how I’ll remember him. He’ll be missed by all. Except China.

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  1. Richard on 11 July, 2013 at (03:47)

    Yeah it’s a tragedy. Is listening to the pod cast today. He’d only just got married to Anna.

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