Tokyo Jungle: Post apocalyptic animal battles

Tokyo Jungle: Post apocalyptic animal battles

This sounds like the craziest game idea.. a post apocalyptic Tokyo, populated by various animals you to control and pit against each other. It’s like the developers took the assets of Afrika and Yakuza 3, mashed them together and made a game! What’s next? God of Kamurocho? Would be awesome to see Kratos beating street scum into the ground and on the reverse Kazuma Kiryu taking on the Greek Gods 🙂

Let’s hope this turns up at Tokyo Game show this month!

First seen over at Kotaku

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  1. 01/09/2010

    now this is what I call a videogame – cant wait to see video!

    • 03/09/2010

      Turns out it’s a side scroller with kind hashed togethe graphics, what a missed opportunity I was hoping for a War of the Monsters style game!

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