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After some 26 hours of travelling through all sorts of weather we are home with our doggie Pickles!

The trip started around 7am in Tokyo and being a Saturday morning it was nice and quiet so no getting pushed around like last time, quick ride on the Yamanote from Shinjuku to Shinagawa and we were off on the Shinkansen! Hit some really snowy weather just after Nagoya which reduced the mighty bullet train to a snails pace, delaying us by about 20 minutes. Luckily though trains from Shin-Osaka to Kansai are pretty regular so we weren’t late or anything!

Flying from Kansai to Amsterdam wasn’t too bad – it always feels quicker coming back. Watched the end of Departures – such a great movie, Castle Under Fiery Skies(Katen no Shiro) – the story of the great Azuchi Castle. Picking films based purely on name didn’t do me any favours when I decided to watch Kung Fu Cyborg though, but The Informant was really entertaining and rounded off the flight nicely!

When we arrived at Schipol at around 5pm it was already pretty much closed for the night! With 3 hours to spare we had a quick bite to eat at a cafe,  they had those amazing Stroopwafel wafers! I commented on how good they were and our waiter brought over 6 more commenting ‘oh look what fell out of the sky’ 🙂 We then holed up for a bit on some loungers, fell asleep and woke up just in time for boarding!

Our flight to Manchester was delayed by about 20 minutes while they ensured all suitcases were on board – no arguments from me! After that it was a nice short one back and a really soft landing too – I always find Manchester a bit windy and dread landing there.

We were met by Emmas mum, sign in hand welcoming us back! And from there she drove us back to ours where Bob and Pickles were waiting.

So here we are, the Japan wedding adventure is over, we had an incredible time and have brought back some great memories and can’t thank everyone who made it happen enough. Now we just need to get through the reception!

After 2 weeks of using a 16:9 laptop my 4:3 home monitor feels so tall!

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