July site updates

Posted in General on 6 July, 2011 (22:02)

July site updatesHalfway through the year and I’m still tweaking the new layout! It’s always been a work in progress in fairness, and over the past few days I’ve sorted a few bits and pieces…

Quick photos
Now I’ve finally got a decent smart-phone in the form of my shiny iPhone 4, I really want to make good use of it to post the odd photo of things that amuse, confuse or enrage me when I’m out and about. I’m already really into the whole micro-blogging thing through twitter, but sharing images on there isn’t the greatest as it requires third party hosts. I’m sure I’ve used at least of these three meaning I have photos all over the place. To that end I’ve decided to bring them in house and have created a new category, denoted easily at a glance by the diagonal banner thing on the edge of the excerpt. They won’t be huge posts, but it should be a nice way for me to share the occasional photo 🙂

Chopping and changing
I’ve had a bit of a play around with the colour scheme of the sidebar to make it stand out a little better, along with shortening it by removing an adspot and Gundam Factory RSS feed(for reasons I’ll go into another time). Items per page have been reduced too, from 13(strange number in the first place) I’ve reduced this to a much more manageable 8 to reduce scrolling and speed the site up a bit.

Image optimising
Boring techy one this, but I was pretty lazy when I threw the new layout together so I’ve gone through all the assets and reduced their file sizes which should again improve site speed.

As always I really appreciate and feedback and suggestions, whether it’s concerning the site design, layout or content, just don’t be too cruel 🙂

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