Paris 2011 Summer holiday!

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Paris 2011 Summer holiday!

Well it’s taken me the best part of three weeks, but I’ve finally got my photos together!

Our Paris trip lasted 5 nights across late July and early August, which included both mine and Emma’s birthdays! We crammed so much into each day, leaving the Hotel early in the morning and not returning until the small hours. And the weather… incredible! The day of our visit to the Palace in Versailles(Emmas Birthday!) was one of the hottest days I’ve experienced in years.

What we did, and how we did it

Stayed at Best Western Le Patio St Antoine
Enjoyed some tasty Ice cream from Amorino
Took a lovely River Seine Cruise with Canauxrama
Enjoyed a bit of culture at The Louvre
Learned lots about Wine Tasting with Quentin at Ô Chateau
Amazing cocktails from Prescription Cocktail Club
Discovered underground Paris at the Catacombs of Paris Museum

My highlights

Going up the Eiffel Tower on my birthday was amazing, as was visiting the Palace in Versailles again, the weather couldn’t have been better for strolling the gardens, enjoying the fountains and rowing down the grand canal 🙂 Coming across groups of dancers on the bank of the Seine in the evening was incredible too, like something out of a film!

We did Paris on the cheap of sorts, but without compromising any enjoyment.. Walking took precedence over descending down onto the RER whenever possible meaning we got to see much more or the city and enjoy the weather. Eating in paris can also get very pricey, so most days we’d pick up a baguette, cheese, salami and wine and enjoy our evening meal on the bank of the Seine watching the tour boats go by.

I could yammer on forever about what a great trip it was, but pictures can contest to that far better than my words can, so here are plenty!


[flickrset id=”72157627357585723″ thumbnail=”square” photos=”” overlay=”true” size=”large”]

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