Stag Do!

Posted in General on 10 November, 2009 (23:56)

Stag Do!

Saturday was my Stag Do, and it was AWESOME!

It started like a pretty standard Saturday, got up, did a bit of pottering about on the computer, watched some TV, all very dull! I’d arranged to hang out with Rich in the afternoon seeing as Emma was away for the weekend. Instead of an afternoon of games, a bunch of my best friends appeared at midday!

Within seconds of arriving in my house, they thrust a massive 2-pint beer glass in my hand and made me down it which I had a fair bit of trouble with(pansy I know!) Next I was bundled in the car and off we went!

Our destination was an outdoor laser tag place over in Brighouse, so fun an way less painful than paintball! The fact the guns are line of sight irrespective of distance made it pretty challenging too. We split into one team of 3 and one of 4, and battle commenced. I was on the 4 and the teams were pretty well balanced, putting us at a draw on games by the end of the day. We finished with a Mexican standoff and the team of 3, Steve, Rich & Dave Won, Hats off to you guys! No pics at the moment sadly but fingers crossed i’ll get some off the others in the near future.

We headed back to mine after this, cleaned up and went into Leeds for some drinks!

In Wetherspoons
In Wetherspoons enjoying some shots, I look a little worse for wear already!

Clearly I was very drunk as I suggested we all head to OK Karoke for some musical goodness, and everyone agreed, what good sports!
Rich Busting out a hit!

The reaction
And the audiences reaction

Ok maybe it was my singing that sucked :)
Ok maybe it was my singing that sucked 🙂

But clearly I didn't care!
But clearly I didn’t care!

Busting out 'More than a feeling'
Busting out ‘More than a feeling’

And the video evidence…

All sang out we headed back to Saltaire, and I got pointed in the direction of The Boathouse with the promise of a lock in to finish the night off. Instead the guys grabbed me, tied me to a tree, covered me in food colouring and left me there!
I love you guys
I love you guys!

Big love to you all, Rich, Steve, Ben, Dave, Andy, Chris, John and the father of the bride, Bob!

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