Tubbygaijin.co.uk 2011 Redesign complete!

Posted in General on 2 January, 2011 (20:17)

Happy new year!

Tubbygaijin.co.uk 2011 Redesign complete!

Given the site a bit of a facelift for 2011, it’s amazing how dated the previous layout looked like after a year so fingers crossed this will last a bit longer. This one still needs a bit of work, mainly in the framework of the comments system and possibly a bit of browser checking. Changes include, new links in the header to Flickr and Youtube, an improved and less intrusive navigation and front page  slider. Probably the biggest change is the full-width post pages, now accomodating images up to 930px in width just like Gundam Factory 🙂

It was a pretty awesome 2010, and i’ll be writing up a summary soon, 2011 has alot to live up to!

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