Aile Strike Gundam Tee

Aile Strike Gundam Tee

Got a new T shirt in the post today, was a little more excited to receive this one than when I usually order stuff…

Mainly because I designed this one, just a bit of fun really. Earlier this week I was designing a promo for a tshirt designer and was inspired to give it a go myself so I thew this design together and had it printed. It’s not perfect, going back to desiging stuff for print is very different to web design.. .but as far as first attempts go I’m pretty happy with it!

The design features the GAT X-105 Aile Strike Gundam of Gundam Seed fame, along with various technical data related to it. The Katakana in the bottom right was supposed to translate to ‘Tubbygaijin’ but thanks to my bad translation kinda doesn’t 🙁 and there’s a QR code in the top right which redirects to.. you guessed it, my blog!

Aile strike is actually a photo of my NG 1/100 kit, photographed on a very crappy attempt for a black background. If I do another i’ll redraw in Illustrator so I have some nice vector artwork.

Aile Strike Gundam Tee

With a bit of photoshop dabbling I converted the image into a semi cel-shaded version of itself, threw a bit of text around it and hey presto, tshirt design.

Aile Strike Gundam Tee

As mentioned it’s not perfect, but I think it’ll look better as it gets aged and distressed like my X-Men tshirt i got for Christmas from Ems parents. Not to mention I had alot of fun designing it 🙂

Might have to design one for my favourite, Red Frame!

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  1. 17/02/2011

    The Katakana reads Tsubbyugaijin instead of Tubbygaijin… ^^;

    For the romaji you should write Tabi-gaijin instead!

    • 17/02/2011

      Doh you are quite correct, really should’ve double checked and feel a bit stupid now 🙂

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