Bar #78’s tenth anniversary!

Posted in Gundam on 18 August, 2014 (12:40)

Bar #78's tenth anniversary!
This month, my favourite bar in Osaka celebrated quite the milestone, ten years!

Bar #78's tenth anniversary!
The main celebrations were on the 9th and 10th of this month, during one of the worst typhoons we’ve seen in a while – didn’t affect the turnout though! I headed down on the 10th before my night bus to Matsuyama, the bar was lined with gifts, mostly of the alcohol variety but Toshi also received the HG Neo Zeong, amazing!

Bar #78's tenth anniversary!
On top of all that, Toshi was asking customers to make Gunpla for his bar display cabinet, specifically MG Universal Century kits. I chose the Turn A(debatable as to whether it’s UC I know) and speed built the thing over the course of five days! Turns out somebody else had build the same kit but we both did it a little differently so nevermind! Toshi – if you ever read this, take the shield apart :)

Bar #78's tenth anniversary! Bar #78's tenth anniversary!
Building the Turn A was really good fun, I always appreciate a design more after actually building it and the Turn A was full of innovations. Amazing posability, maybe the best I’ve seen yet, also it’s the only MG I’ve come across with fully separated fingers. The legs were especially interesting, being made up of several blade-like pieces which all pivot independently as the legs move. Despite the simple design the panel lining took forever!

Bar #78's tenth anniversary!
Here’s Toshi’s own contribution, MG GP02a, So well done, guy’s a pro with an airbrush! I have this kit in HG form but the MG is an absolute beast, the shield is gigantic. This one had to sit on top of the bar as it’s too big for the cabinet!

Bar #78's tenth anniversary!
Congrats, Bar #78! Here’s to the next ten years!

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