Gundam theme park “Gundam Front” heading to Odaiba!

Posted in Gundam on 31 January, 2012 (13:57)

Gundam theme park "Gundam Front" heading to Odaiba! Gundam theme park "Gundam Front" heading to Odaiba!
It’s already pretty common knowledge the 1/1 Gundam making its return to Odaiba this year, but it’s bringing a theme park with it!

Gundam Front is 2050 square meter experience which will set up near to the statue and feature various free and paid for attractions related to the long running series. You’ll be able to watch a video about the statue itself in a gigantic hemispherical theatre, check out production materials related to the origin of Gundam and grab a bite to eat at the Gundam Café. A shop is planned also, which I imagine will sell special one-off kits similar to when the statue was based in Shizuoka.

I’ve managed to miss all the previous showings of the statue, hopefully the inclusion of this theme park means Odaiba will be a more permenant home for the RX-78!

It opens April 19th, find out more over at Kotaku(translated) and MSN Japan(not)

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