Gunpla Project NEXT

For my next trick i’ll be building the 1/100 Aile Strike Gundam – sadly not Master Grade but I can’t complain as I got this FREE at Japan Expo in Paris last year! You see there was a small queue building by the Namco Bandai stand so I joined not really having anything else to do at the time, and low and behold I was rewarded with free Gundam, arigatou Namco Bandai! They had boxes piled soo high it was like Gunpla heaven.

The next day these were no longer free – you had to purchase some gashapon (6 i think) at €2 each which is a little steep!

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  1. 29/06/2009

    Great project! Hope it goes well..

  2. 24/07/2009

    Freebie, nice ^_^
    I am a big fan of the aile strike
    The box art looks like some gunpla I got in poundstrecher, Leeds..for about £4.99 each!!! Yay!! Freedom and Justice IIRC, and I was confused as it looks different to the ones in Japan/ebay imports..maybe it is a european version or something, don’t really know, I just like pretty Gundam Seed robots yayness XD

  3. 27/07/2009

    Cheers, will post a review as usual once it’s done!

    Yeah the boxart sucks, it’s actually a properly localised french kit, with french instructions and everything! Runners are identical to the original Japanese 1/100 though so it’s all good! Too bad it isn’t a Master Grade though but meh!

  4. 30/07/2009

    You want a free master grade? Little greedy don’t ya think… although I imagine going to an expo in Paris wasn’t cheap..
    Heh the one I got in Leeds had Japanese instructions.

  5. 08/08/2009

    Ah the expo wasn’t too bad, spread across 3 days and I think the ticket was about £60, add on a cheapo flybe flight and a shit hotel and sorted! Probably paid more getting into Paris every day after the expo.

    The only crap thing was all the DVDs(which were mad cheap) were French subs only which was tight! Oh and the gunpla was lik 4x the asking price, got a cool Terratag tee though!

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