IT’S HERE! MG MBF-P02 Red Frame Kai

MG Red Frame - It's Here!!

Oh wow, feels like forever since I ordered this beast and finally it’s here!

The postie actually tried to deliver this on Saturday but sods law I was out 🙁 anyway, it’s here now so lets tear open the box and have a peer inside! It’s been forever since my last Master Grade so i’m in for a treat!

HG Red Frame, please do the honours…

HG Red Frame, please do the honours


Woah, so many runners

Woah, how many runners?! Ok easing back into Master Grades may be more of a mission than I thought, going to need some kind of epic filing system to keep track of all this!

Clear parts included, looks like it's for random parts including: the hands, arms, legs and chest

Clear parts included, looks like it’s for random parts all over the kit as opposed to a single arm, leg etc..

Stand included too for posing and to hold that massive tactical arms

Stand included too for posing and also to hold up that massive tactical arms sword/bow/flightpack!

Gerbera Straight and Tiger Pierce, shiny!

Gerbera Straight and Tiger Pierce, shiny!

Same scabbard design as the PG, no need for all that painting the 1/144 needed

Same scabbard design as the PG, no need for all that painting the 1/144 needed

Only downside so far is the gold parts are pretty crappy looking, repainting's a must

Only downside so far is the gold parts are pretty crappy looking, repainting’s a must

And a 30-page manual!

Finally the manuals an encyclopedia, 30 pages!

This is my favourite Mobile Suit design ever so I can’t wait to build it.

Goodbye outside world, Saynoara daylight, to the Browncave I retire…

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  1. rich

    superb figure, lousy backpack!
    cant wait to see your progress on that bad boy!
    finish the oo first though

    • 17/03/2010

      Oh I will don’t worry! It’s done except for the legs, and the 0 Raiser too which shouldn’t take long.

      Tactical Arms is awesome, although the Delta form on the box isn’t great I agree.. but it can also transform into a stupidly large sword, a bow and a Kyrios-style pincer!

    • 22/03/2010

      Hmm good question… never had a kit with the plain parts before, think i’ll certainly fit them for a few pics but will probably stick to the coloured parts as the inner frame isn’t the most exciting anyway!

      • rich

        apparently they are very hard to remove in one peice once fitted.
        good reason to dry brush that inner frame though!

        • 25/03/2010

          Indeed! I drybrushed my 1/144 frame with black marker which filled in all the nooks and crannys pretty well, but then got a bit too close with the topcoat and washed it away.. I’ve learned since then 🙂

  2. tony

    Where did you order this monster from ? Looks really sweet.

      • tony

        Thanks – I thought it might have been them. I am going to treat myself to this one and a classic RX-78-2 O.Y.W. for my birthday. My kids think I am mad.

        • 14/02/2012

          Nice choices! I’ve got the 2.0 RX-78 but the OYW design is much cooler. Got many other kits in your collection?

        • tony

          No, I used to have about 8 of the mechas when I was 11 years old – they were 1:144 scale and early glue-based Bandai kits. They were well cheap then and plentiful. I don’t really see them about now as much, but the MG series looks really really good.

          • 15/02/2012

            Welcome back in that case! HG 1/144’s have come a long way in the past few years and are pretty comparable to early Master Grade kits, but you can’t beat MG’s for quality and sturdiness, and the fact they have detailed inner frames is really cool.
            You should check out the Real Grade range too, they’re 1/144 but the detail they cram into them is insane!

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