New Gundam series being announced today – Watch it live! (updated!)

New Gundam series being announced today - Watch it live!
Today’s the day we find out what’s next for the Gundam franchise! At 11.59am JST a live stream on and will kick in and reveal all. So far, the only image available is the above, emblazoned with the words “1/144 Gundam” – 1/144 is the scale of the High Grade and Real Grade Gunpla lines, but what does it mean? We’ve already had a (short)Gunpla anime in the form of Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G. I’m not even making any guesses as to whether this is a new series or continuation of another, we’ll know soon enough!

Katsumi Kawaguchi(one of the senior figures at Bandai, responsible for the huge success of Gunpla) has created an event page on facebook for the announcement, and by his pictures it looks like the live announcement will be happening at Gundam Front, Tokyo.

It only seems like yesterday when I was writing about the annoucements for Gundam AGE and Gundam: The Origin(which is still yet to appear) – hard to believe that was over two years ago.

Update: So we now know the series will be called Gundam Build Fighters and will focus on people who build 1/144 Gundam and battle them in virtual environments. Trailer:

I’m going to give it a shot, I enjoyed Gundam AGE and the Gunpla potential of this series is quite exciting. It could inspire more people to enter into the world of Gunpla modding which is no bad thing! The cynics could see this as a cheap way out, re-releasing slightly different versions of iconic Mobile Suits instead of starting fresh… but let’s reserve judgement for now!

Also, Bearguy is back, BEARGUY IS BACK!

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  1. Richard

    You think if I build enough then I will make it into the series. I really hope they bring the characters from gunpla builders in, just as a little nod.

    • 12/07/2013

      Seems very futuristic. No Gunpla builders peeps I think 🙁 but Bearguy is immortal!

  2. Richard


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