SD GF13-017NJII – God Gundam – Progress

Posted in Gundam on 16 January, 2011 (20:50)

SD GF13-017NJII – God Gundam - Progress

Making good progress on this one!

As I thought this kit’s required a fair bit of painting so far, no bad thing though as i’ve really enjoyed the bits i’ve built. So far i’ve completed the head(as above) and the waist unit – the paint on which still needs a little cleaning up.

SD GF13-017NJII – God Gundam - Progress

It’s really nice to be back making kits again, must try and fit in more Gunpla time.

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2 Responses to SD GF13-017NJII – God Gundam – Progress

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  1. Stu on 10 March, 2011 at (08:45)


    As a fellow Leeds person, where do you get your Gunpla models from? I know there was a shop in Leeds but it’s now closed, and Gundammad never has stock

    Also do you have any tips on sanding? I can never seem to do it right


    • James on 14 March, 2011 at (08:06)

      Hey Stu, cheers for the comment! I visit Japan every year so I usually stock up while I’m there and bring back a suitcase full! I also buy from Hobbylink Japan (
      I think the shop you mean is City Cyber, that place sucked, overpriced and elitist, we’re better off without it! I’ve never shopped at Gundammad, again seems very overpriced.
      Travelling man in Leeds have the occasional kit, but nothing really to shout about.

      Sanding… be gentle, I’ve ruined many a kit by being too rough. Also, make sure you use the right tools for the job, decent grade model kit sandpaper and perhaps invest in a set of mini files too.

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