Japan Photo of the Day – Tuesday

Posted in Japan on 6 October, 2009 (06:03)

Imperial Palace East Garden
Day two of my photo a day mini-project and we’re off to the quiet tranquility of the Tokyo Imperial Palace East Garden.

I love this place, it’s an amazingly peaceful and I lost many hours happily snapping shots of anything and everything, but we very nearly didn’t get to experience it at all… you see I took us down there on a Monday… when it’s closed. Sods law as well it was a lovely day so i’d had the bright idea of walking down through Awajicho, through the Sportswear district and beyond. Luckily the next day I convinced Emma to go as long as we got a train over 🙂

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  1. Jamaipanese on 6 October, 2009 at (13:16)

    great photo, I always admire the look of Japanese gardens

  2. James on 6 October, 2009 at (21:27)

    Beautiful arent they, I love the texture of the leaves, totally unlike anything we get over here – probably something to do with the UKs horrific climate!

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