JET: The result is in

JET: The result is inAfter what feels like a lifetime of waiting, my JET result letter is finally with me, so am I off to Japan?

Well in a word, no. Not at the moment anyway, I’ve been selected as an Alternate(Reserve) candidate which means if any current JETs or shortlisted candidates step out of the programme I might get a call. It’s a bit of a frustrating situation as there’s no way to find out how long the reserve list is or my position within it, making it impossible to gauge the likelihood of being called 🙁

I have really mixed feelings about this, honestly, a straight no would’ve been easier to take. The uncertainty makes life very difficult, if I’d been accepted we’d already be making preparations with the house and our jobs, but essentially life is on hold at the moment.

So what now?

More waiting! The letter states I could be called anytime between now and December, but in reality the majority of Alternates travel to Tokyo for orientation at the same time as the Shortlisted candidates, so hearing anything beyond mid-late June is unlikely. Considering the amount of time I’ve been in this process, another month and a half won’t kill me! There is an absolute ton of paperwork I can begin looking at too which will help pass the time.

And if I hear nothing?

I think I’ll go on holiday 🙂 Emma and I made sure we had a Plan B for the year so we wouldn’t be crushed if neither of us made it through.

Third time lucky?

Hmm tough one… probably not, two applications is enough I think. I don’t take giving up on the JET lightly though, it’d just be awfully hard to put life on hold for a third year in a row.

Last year I was pretty upset when I didn’t even get an interview, this time I feel alot better about my application as a whole. My personal statement was much stronger, earning me an interview and a place on the reserve list, so if it doesn’t happen this year then it’s just not meant to be.

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  1. 28/04/2011

    Look at this way mate, compared to laster year you are miles further ahead… as you say, if it doesnt happen, it doesnt happen. There is always next year!

    • 28/04/2011

      That’s a good point actually.. next year, I’m not sure I’d apply again. Yeah I got closer this year and could potentially get even further next year but when I say it might not be meant to be I’m thinking beyond this years application. I might simply not be the kind of person they’re after, although the JET policy to not provide any interview feedback makes it tough to know what to improve on.

      Speaking of people being miles further ahead compared to this time last year, congratulations on a year of contracting!

  2. suicidal

    things happen for reason ,sometimes outside our control…
    just dont loose’ll come right

    • 03/05/2011

      Indeed, I’m fine with it honestly, what happens happens. I’m sure this year will be great eitherway! 😀

  3. Luke

    Im a bit bummed about being alternate but its my first time applying and it was my first interview i got too confident i dont really have a plan b but i have some connections so i could get an office job and my aunty said i could do the accounts for her shop bu these jobs seem so small i wanted an adventure i know its still possible but i think i got carried away smart of you to have a plan b

    • 10/05/2011

      Hey Luke, sorry to hear you’re stuck in limbo too. Getting an interview and place on the alternate list is nothing to be frowned at though, and considering it’s your first application you should be proud! That taken into account I’d say you’ve got a pretty good chance of being upgraded and it’d really bolster your application should you choose to apply again next year. Sounds like you have a plan b too even if it isn’t the big adventure you’re hoping for, fingers crossed for Alternate though!

      Please let me know what happens! Out of interest, where did you apply to go?

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