Osaka Loop Line Magazine

Posted in Japan on 8 June, 2013 (15:52)

Osaka Loop Line Magazine
Have you ever known a railway line to be so awesome it has its very own magazine?!

Well, strictly speaking, Osaka Loop Line magazine isn’t dedicated to the Kanjōsen and the old-school 103 and 201’s that serve it, but highlighting restaurants and things to do at each of the 19 stations on the line, including my neighbourhood – Tamatsukuri!

Osaka Loop Line Magazine Osaka Loop Line Magazine
Divided up by station area, and split into day and night recommendations, the magazine promotes lots of small restaurants and eateries with some really slick photography – everywhere looks so cool! As a big fan of craft beer, it looks like Tenma is an area I need to explore.

It set me back ¥780, but if I discover even one cool little place from it, I’ll be happy. It’s also nice to see these areas getting promotion – many places around the loop line are cheap areas to live, and in turn get a bit of a bad deal, so it’s great that this magazine is showing their good side.

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  1. Rich on 25 June, 2013 at (05:38)

    You wouldn’t get that on the Shipley to Bradford line would you fella….. Hope your keeping well!

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