Preparing for the great adventure

Posted in Japan on 23 June, 2012 (07:35)


Yesterday was my last day at work, saying goodbye to all my friends there was really tough. It’s not fully sunk in that my 4-and-a-bit years of GMG employment have drawn to a close. I look forward to seeing them all again and right now, Japan awaits! so… here I am a couple of hours before our train down south finally packing.

Despite having a ridiculous amount of possessions, there’s something about living out of a bag that appeals to me. It makes life so much simpler and really talks to my wannabe free-spirit! I’m currently working out what I’m taking, and proceeding to throw said items into my suitcase. I considered buying a rucksack or trolley bag, but I’m not sure if I’d need it as we’re hoping to settle somewhere after 8 weeks or so. Potential mistake in the making here 🙂

Apart from clothes it’s mainly a collection of electronics and associated chargers… cameras, laptop, mini printer, tripod – everything I’m going to be using regularly to document this great adventure and couldn’t live without.

Travelled long-term before? What’s your must-take item(s)?

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