Tennoji Oktoberfest!

Posted in Japan on 29 May, 2014 (16:33)

Tennoji Oktoberfest!
Oktoberfest? In May? Don’t question such things! Especially considering real Oktoberfest is too far off and Munich is too far!

Tennoji Oktoberfest!
With the weather in Osaka rapidly getting hotter, there’s no better way to beat the heat than a nice cold beer! Japanese beers are fantastic, but the chance to sample some European beers made for a nice change. This event was held in Tennoji park near the gigantic Abeno Harukas – the tallest building in Japan!

Tennoji Oktoberfest! Tennoji Oktoberfest!
Entry to the park was a mere ¥150. Inside, the usually spacious park area had been filled with beer stands and benches plus a live stage with authentic German band playing and encouraging people to get their drink on.

Tennoji Oktoberfest!
Loads of people were dancing like crazy, and the whole place had a great atmosphere.

Tennoji Oktoberfest! Tennoji Oktoberfest!
It’s a good think the entry is so cheap, because the beer itself is quite expensive, understandable considering much of it is imported I suppose. I paid around ¥1400 per drink, there’s also a ¥1000 refundable deposit for the glass on top of that. Everything I tried was great though(my favourite was the Warsteiner) and the size is much larger than the Jyokki’s you get in an izakaya.

This is a great time of to be in Japan if you’re a beer drinker, with lots of events like this one popping up along with the awesome rooftop beer gardens you’re spoiled for choice!

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