Tested: Garigari-Kun “Rich” – Tiramisu Flavour

Posted in Japan on 20 March, 2015 (00:00)

Tested: Garigari-Kun “Rich” – Tiramisu Flavour
Garigari-Kun is up to his old tricks again!

Tested: Garigari-Kun “Rich” – Tiramisu Flavour Tested: Garigari-Kun “Rich” – Tiramisu Flavour
Thankfully less weird than last year’s Napolitan flavour, Garigari-kun has set his sights on Tiramisu, the popular coffee-flavoured Italian dessert and one of my personal favourites! Can’t hurt to try, right?

Priced at a very reasonable ¥120(67p). Ingredients: mostly mascarpone kakigori(shave ice) with little bits of chocolate cookie and coffee sauce inside, all encased in cocoa flavour ice.

Tested: Garigari-Kun “Rich” – Tiramisu Flavour Tested: Garigari-Kun “Rich” – Tiramisu Flavour
The cocoa ice outer is actually pretty bland, very watery and light on the taste, it has that “fake chocolate” kind of taste which I strongly dislike. Inside is much better, still generally a bit tasteless but the coffee sauce was delicious. All in all it was ok, but bland is not a word I tend to associate with tiramisu, it should be strong, sweet and plentiful!

I should really learn and just stick to the soda flavour – it’s the best, but curiosity gets the better of me! Spotted a pineapple flavour one today too which sounds potentially great, but we will see.

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