The Secret Submarine Bar

Posted in Japan on 29 October, 2012 (03:23)

The Secret Submarine Bar
Back in September, I heard rumblings of a “secret bar” tucked away in the backstreets of Osaka, styled to look like the inside of a Submarine… well I found it!

The Secret Submarine Bar The Secret Submarine Bar
In fact, this bar is more than just styled – it actually uses parts from a genuine 1930’s sub, plus plenty of extras to give the place a real steampunk vibe. It lies hidden down a back alley in Tanimachi Rokuchome which made it a real challenge to find.

The Secret Submarine Bar
You could spend hours looking at all the detail on the interior walls, with old phones, levers and rocker switches dotted around. There’s also a creepy diving suit in the toilet which watches you pee.

The Secret Submarine Bar
So, if you’re wanting to pretend you’re Captain Nemo or a Big Daddy from Bioshock, this is the bar for you! Drink prices are pretty reasonable(550yen for a bottle of beer), plus there’s no table charge! Being a secret bar I’m not going to post the address, the geotag on this post will get you to Tanimachi Rokuchome, then you’ll have to search – good hunting! 🙂

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