Train decals in Osaka

Posted in Japan on 30 March, 2013 (20:51)

Train decals in Osaka
The rail network in Osaka serves a ridiculous number of passengers every day, so needless to say it’s a heck of an advertising spot. Posters on station platforms are effective, even better is painting up an entire train into one giant advert. Here are a few I’ve spotted recently.

First up we have the USJ(Universal Studios Japan) train which runs on the Osaka loop line, decorated with Sesame Street, Hello Kitty, Snoopy and other Peanuts characters.

Train decals in Osaka
Suumo is a pretty big real estate company over here, I particularly like how these decals are styled to look like windows 🙂 This one also runs on the loop line.

Train decals in Osaka
Here’s a second USJ train, this time specifically promoting the USJ Harry Potter World which is due to open in 2014!

Train decals in Osaka
Another Suumo train running on the loop line, this time with a nice spring vibe.

Train decals in Osaka
Finally, here’s one from the Nankai Koya line which is promoting Arrow Pachinko parlours – a hobby I’ve avoided so far.

Keeping an eye out for these trains certainly makes my commute a bit more interesting!

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