We Fly out to Japan a Month today!

Posted in Japan on 19 November, 2009 (11:18)

We fly out to Japan a month today!

It’s come around so fast!

So yes, this time next month we’ll be rushing around airports and generally stressing as we head from Manchester to Kyoto via Amsterdam. It’s the first time I haven’t flown direct so i’m a bit worried about that but i’m sure it will be fine.

As far as everything else goes here, we’re pretty much sorted, I finally managed to get all the invitations made and sent out – seemed like a good idea at the time but looking back we should’ve just bought some 🙂 At least what we have is 100% personal though, pics below:

Wedding invite

Measures about 9x9cm, and is a minty green with pink detailing to match the reception room here in the UK. Ribbon is silver and the detailing on the front is some cherry blossom to bring an oriental touch in.

Wedding invite

Unfolding reveals the invitation text and a small pouch containing the RSVP. These have our home address on the back with the idea being people could just mail these back like a postcard but the paper I bought was a bit flimsy so most have been sending back in envelopes, ah well! The symbol is the kanji for love, bit cheesy I know 🙂

I have my suit now as well, a nice grey number from Moss Bros. The cut is awesome too because it makes me look trimmer than I am, win!

My suit!
I will be wearing a shirt not that crappy tee!

Just need to get some shoes, cufflinks and a belt now. Those last 2 are always a nightmare for me because of my bad nickel allergy and the fact that cheapass metal turns up everywhere! Then there’s packing, yen, computer, cameras, passports, maps, documentation… oh man it’s gonna be a long month 🙂
*pubished a little late as I ballsed up my WP upgrade slightly!

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