Wedding Confirmed!

Now everything is confirmed and going ahead i’m happy to announce Emma & I will be getting married Christmas Eve at Kamigamo Shrine in north Kyoto!

We visited the shrine during our trip last November, and have been since looking at various companies to book through and finally located a great deal through the Hotel Granvia.

Not only does this mean getting married & Christmas in Japan, but new year/honeymoon in Tokyo, woo excited!

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  1. 05/04/2009

    Oh cool, Kyoto is such a great place, I guess I would marry there too (10 years from now — I hope!)

    Congraturation! ^^;;

  2. 06/04/2009

    Thanks Hao! It’s going to be amazing, I love Kyoto too, very different to Tokyo – far quieter!

  3. Soru

    Hi!! Congrats for the wedding!!! We are a couple in Spain and we will like to do the same, we love Japan, what did you do to get this??? It’s just wonderful, we thought it will be something impossible, but now we have hope, thanks for all!!!
    Lots of love from Spain!!! Omedetto!!!

  4. 08/08/2009


    Hi sorry for taking so long to reply! There are a number of companies in Japan that deal with Wedding Parties from abroad, is the Website of Watabe Wedding who we looked at booking through.


    In the end we actually booked through the Hotel Granvia in Kyoto – details here we have a contact at the Hotel who speaks excellent English and is super friendly and best of all she is handling all the contact with the shrine for us! All we need to do it turn up really 🙂 Hope that helps!!


    I received my vows the other day, very detailed I hope I don’t offend anyone…

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