Basement Cinema: Bulb Change

Posted in Movies & TV on 24 January, 2010 (10:20)

Basement Cinema: Bulb Change!

Two updates in one week, things are moving along quicker than ever! The new bulb arrived really quickly (thanks to CP Lighting) so I fitted it straight away to see if there was a difference.

These bulbs are massive

These bulbs are massive, and light as a feather – handle with care

In we go

In we go! Firstly I removed the top panel of the projector to reveal the lamp cover and housing. Was pretty hard to find a guide on how to do this so i’ll be writing this as a bit of a how to for anyone in the same position.

2 hidden screws

Before you can remove the housing, there are two hidden screws which need to be loosened which are connecting the housing to the bottom of the projector. They’re pretty tough to get to so make sure you have a long screwdriver with a thin handle otherwise it’ll get stuck against the edge of the casing.

A better look at the hidden screws

A better look at the hidden screws as I remove the housing.

The bulb fitting

The bulb fitting. To remove the bulb push it to the right and then lift the left side upwards. To fit the new bulb do this in reverse. Now just put all the pieces back together and get it plugged in!

It’s hard to see the difference in these photos, but believe me it’s there!

The original bulb

The original bulb, contrast and colouring are a little washed

And the new bulb

And the new bulb, it’s ALOT brighter, the glow on the ceiling is the best indicator in this picture. Colours are great – the red text in the bottom left is much stronger, and the contrast is awesome, the detail in the distance is no longer lost.

With the new cable and a wall repaint this is just going to get better and better! Emma painted a white splodge on the wall so I can’t put the paiting off, mean but effective!

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