Basement Cinema: Update!

Posted in Movies & TV on 22 January, 2010 (21:28)

Basement Cinema: Update!

Thanks to some of the best friends a guy could ask for, the basement cinema project which has laid dormant for nearly 2 years is a step closer to reality!

I always knew I had an amazing set of friends, but it was proven to me to a huge degree when they all travelled up through some of the worst weather we’ve seen in years for my wedding reception. To top it all off, even though we stated no need for wedding presents they bought us a Playstation 3!

Playstation 3!

Entertainment! so so many thanks to Steve, Nikki, Dave, Lauren, Nick, Bo, Chris, Mike, Chris, Bryony, John & Andy!!!

The next day before he headed home, Bo dropped by and blew me away by giving me another gift!

Ally PTV-01B Projector

This is an Ally PTV-01B Projector! Bo you are AWESOME!

And so is this!

And so is this! The size of the screen this projector’s throwing is unreal! We’re talking in the 150 inch department!

Not so awesome

What’s not so awesome is the room, loads of junk and crap in here I need to move out. I’m deviating slightly from the original plan – not sure if i’ll use the seats after all. I’m thinking more of a multi-purpose chillout room with lots of surfaces to display my Gunpla proudly! 🙂 I also need to repaint the walls as the blue is deceptively dark, and in turn darkening the projected screen. A great virtue of this projector is bulbs are cheap as chips, and a quick bit of googling revealed that the Philips CDM-TD 150W/942 Rx7s bulb produces pretty amazing results, and for £30 I figured it was well worth a go! Finally i’ve got an HDMI-VGA cable on order for as high res a signal as possible.

Amplifier from Rich!

And yesterday I amazingly recieved an amplifier from Rich! this thing is amazing, with more inputs than i’ll ever be able to understand 🙂 Bought a big reel of speaker cable so I can get started with a bit of wiring.

Everythings coming together now and with a bit of work this room’s going to be my own personal fortress of solitude 😀

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