Gundam Seed Destiny

Posted in Movies & TV on 10 February, 2008 (19:34)

Since my last Gundam related post i’ve piled through the remaining episodes of Seed and am now 15 episodes into the continuation, Gundam Seed Destiny .

Set two years after the events of Seed, this series follows Zaft forces to begin with, focusing on young pilot Shinn Asuka and the crew of the Minerva. In the first episode three prototype suits are stolen by a team led by a sinister masked menace? Familiar much?

The show continues to copy its predecessor in many ways, the Minerva is crying out to be the Archangel and the Impulse(the leading mobile suit) looks like alot like the Strike. It’s almost trying to outdo the good X-105.. for instance where Strike had one sword, it has two, where Strike had one blaster, it has two! silly really.

Shinn Asuka is sadly no Kira Yamato either, and the appearance of Kira in the series makes you care even less about his presence! Freedom blasting out of its mountain hideout and the ensuing fight kicked the crap out of any of Impulses fights to date!

The story looks like it’s headed straight for another war and is getting really good, Freedoms back and Athruns got a new mobile suit too! Not to mention Andy Waldtfelds back too with a shiny new arm and no doubt a mobile suit to prat around in while drinking coffee. And finally, the masked guy Neo is so obviously Mwu La Fraga who somehow survived, but thats ok because Mwu was awesome.

Loving this series, the Seed universe is truly brilliant and no doubt i’ll be a bit bummed when I finish this series!

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