NHK Want to cover my Wedding!

Posted in Movies & TV on 9 December, 2009 (22:54)

NHK Want to cover my Wedding

We recieved quite the email from our wedding planners in Kyoto today!

So this morning I come back to my desk at work to 3 missed calls from Emma and an email.. obviously my mind immediately jumps to the worst and I assume something terribles happened and hurriedly call back. Couldn’t be more wrong!

The Hotel in Kyoto had in fact contacted us to let us know the local media had expressed an interest in our decision to marry in Japan and would like to run a feature to run on Christmas day on the NHK channel! The idea is that they follow us during the day, preparing, the ceremony itself and the return to the hotel.

It sounds a little daunting but I think it would be really nice, they’ve assured us they wouldn’t intrude on the day and if they get some nice footage maybe they’ll be kind enough to give us a copy!

Thoughts anyone?!

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  1. Jamaipanese on 10 December, 2009 at (02:23)


    Thats great news, looking forward to seeing the footage if possible!

  2. James on 10 December, 2009 at (22:03)

    Pretty nuts huh! We haven’t said yes yet as we’re still mulling it over, but I hope we do pluck up the courage to say yes ^_^

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