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Posted in Movies & TV on 23 January, 2008 (10:13)

The trailer is now available in HD on it’s much brighter, but i’m still not happy with the way this is going.

Everyone knows JJ Abrams bums his viral advertising, we’ve seen allsorts of websites related to Lost, and his recent monster movie Cloverfield, so it’s no surprise one’s popped up for Star Trek, available at

The idea is tune the cameras in to see the pictures, 3 of the cameras are all repeating sequences from the trailer from what I can tell, however the 4th “offline” camera after a few minutes flashes up this image for a second..

I can only assume this is a corridor on board the Enterprise, very reminiscent ofGalactica, or even a klingon ship! Can only hope the lighting is the temporary construction lighting and that it’ll have more of a Trek feel to it when it’s done.

The building the ship on Earth is still stupid thouugh.

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3 Responses to Star Trek Trailer & Viral Site

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  1. neillans on 26 January, 2008 at (20:53)

    Well, I can kinda see where they are coming from with it being built on earth – dont forget, in TNG you see it taking off / landing on a handful of planets, so the physics must be ok 😉 Shed load of power tho and if you were doing it, you would certainly build in orbit – easier to do for one. Maybe the cost of shipping parts & people up there factored in tho. Sigh. Suppose it depends on the economics of the time. Ok, enough! 🙂

    It does look a little … off the standard Trek feel. I hope they don’t ruin it ….


  2. James on 26 January, 2008 at (21:59)

    I hate to disagree (the geeks really gonna come out now!) but Voyager was the only ship that could land on a planet, the others could go into atmospheres but not for very long. And the original enterprise was built a good 90yrs before that.

    Basically the problem is the writers are pretty shitty and don’t seem to have much respect for the source material! What they’ve allegedly done to Kirks kobayashi maru test makes him into the worst kind of scum!

    God I’m a geek…

  3. neillans on 27 January, 2008 at (10:33)

    Damn – you are spot on! Ok, you are the true geek 😉

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