Uwe Boll’s ‘Far Cry’

Posted in Movies & TV on 14 March, 2009 (22:49)

Wow, just wow.

Now I know none of us expect anything less of the Ed Wood of Europe but the ‘creative liberties’ he’s taken with this film are staggering! The game’s story was hardly Shakespeare, but if you’re doing an adaptation at least try and stay slightly true to the source material! A small collection of gripes listed below.

  • Jack Carver(main character) is German now?
  • The setting has changed from lush tropical islands to Vancouver… they try and pass the location off as an island but it’s quite clearly just the edge of a big lake
  • No trigens, instead we get pale super-soldiers who are uncontrollable & inpenetrable to bullets
  • Serious misunderstanding of how a rocket launcher works
  • Waaaaay too much comic relief, think Uwe thought he was filming a buddy cop comedy at times!

Oh well, it did kill 90 minutes I guess.

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