Final Fantasy XIII Elixir unboxing

Final Fantasy XIII Elixir unboxing

It’s almost becoming something of a tradition for Square Enix to release a licensed energy drink around the time a new Final Fantasy game comes out, so it’s no surprise to anyone that Suntory-licensed FFXIII drinks are currently available.

What did catch my eye was this funky box on sale in the 7-11, containing both the drink plus a small figure and with a rather hefty price tag of ¥980 (£6.60, $10.80) it’s not something you’d buy on a whim. But worry not, i’m here to waste my money so you don’t have to! 🙂

The box is very nice

The box is very nice, all glossy and bright to draw in fools like myself 🙂 The sides are decorated with pictures of the 6 possible trading arts figures which may be waiting for you inside.

In we go!

In we go! This box has your figure in so don’t throw it away in your hurry to restore HP and MP!

The contents side by side

The contents side by side, the drink itself is a tangy lemon and caffiene concoction which is quite tasty.

And which figure did I get?


Woohoo Lightning! The leading lady 🙂 I’m actually really happy with the figure, it’s really well detailed and comes with its own little display stand. It comes in only three molded pieces though so your options for posing are… zilch!

If you aren’t in the land of the rising sun, Play Asia do have this item on sale for a slightly inflated price.

So what do we think then?

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  1. 18/01/2010

    as usual I am envious!

    thanks for sharing with pictures.

    • 18/01/2010

      After your announcement today it’s me that’s the envious one! You have all this to look forward to and so much more 🙂 Glad you enjoyed though, I have loads of other random bits and pieces to post about!

      Looking forward to reading all your planning over the coming months. I won’t pretend to be as much of an expert as others, but I know where i’ve been pretty well so if you ever need pointers or anything just shout!

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