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Posted in Otaku on 29 September, 2009 (19:25)

Instead of wasting posts blabbing on about the various projects i’ve got on I thought i’d consolidate it into one!

VOOT Sticks

Kinda on hold at the moment… on of the sticks has a pretty dodgy microswitch which requires serious mashing to engage – remember the video test where left is a bit funky to engage? well that’s why… So currently i’m waiting to buy another off eba – not a huge purchase but i’m pretty strapped for cash at the mo..

1/100 Aile Strike Gundam

Coming along nicely! got pretty much all of the Gundam itself built save for one leg (limb building repetition always bores me!) and i’m painting the Aile Striker too. It’s top wings need red paint along the front which is taking a few coats to get looking half decent. Hoping to finish maybe this weekend – looking forward to posing this bad boy!

Wedding Invites

Not sure if i’ve mentioned it here before but i’m actually designing and making our wedding invites! Got the design pretty much down now and spent most of last weekend searching for supplies to make them. Of course i’d not heard of Hobbycraft and had no success in the usual stores in Leeds and Bradford. I’ve since visited Hobbycraft and am getting close to starting my little production line to get these made!

Busy busy! certainly not finding any time for gaming these days! Poor xbox looks all lonely 🙁

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