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Taking my first ever ski lesson!

Taking my first ever ski lesson!

Posted in Japan on 13 February, 2015

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While we were planning our Sapporo trip, Emma somehow convinced me that taking a ski […]

Red Panda appreciation

Posted in Photography on 12 February, 2015

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Aside from dogs, Red Pandas are easily my favourite animal and always a highlight of […]
This year is the 66th Sapporo Snow festival

The huge Star Wars snow sculpture at Sapporo Snow Festival!

Posted in Japan on 9 February, 2015

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From February 5th through to February 11th, the 66th annual Snow Festival has descended upon […]
Uji and Byōdō-in

Uji and Byōdō-in

Posted in Japan on 6 February, 2015

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Famous for its tea, Uji is an easy day trip from Osaka, Kyoto or Nara, […]

Setsubun video thing!

Posted in Japan on 4 February, 2015

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A little bit later than planned(sods law YouTube goes down while I’m uploading), but still, […]
Sangaria - "Vanilla Beer, butter flavour"

Sangaria – “Vanilla Beer, butter flavour”

Posted in General on 21 January, 2015

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Spotted this drink in a vending machine near my work today, it sounded awfully familiar…
Hiking Ikoma Mountain

Hiking Ikoma Mountain

Posted in Japan on 20 January, 2015

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Ikoma Mountain borders Osaka and Nara prefectures, it’s part of a mountain range known as […]
Plane spotting at Itami Airport

Plane spotting at Itami Airport

Posted in Photography on 16 January, 2015

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I love planes! Riding them can be scary but they’re awesome pieces of engineering. When […]