An evening walk around Osaka Castle

Posted in Photography on 2 November, 2012 (02:10)

An evening walk around Osaka Castle
Osaka Castle is one of my favourite places in this city, it’s also conveniently near my apartment. So yesterday evening I headed up there, SLR in hand.

An evening walk around Osaka Castle
Despite my visit being way after the Castle’s opening hours(10am – 4pm), it was still possible to walk around the grounds after hours, all the way up into the Honmaru(inner bailey) to the base of the Donjon(main tower). It’s a popular place with runners and dog walkers, along with the odd budding street performer who wants to perfect their routine in a quiet spot.

An evening walk around Osaka Castle
At the moment, the castle is being illuminated in Autumn colours, in preparation for an Autumn festival in the castle grounds this weekend. The turning of the leaves in Autumn is called Koyo(紅葉) – it is this to this season what cherry blossom is to spring. Although it was quite dark, I could see the leaves are certainly changing, and in a couple of weeks the castle grounds should be full of an array of fantastic colours.

An evening walk around Osaka Castle
Another shot of the Donjon

An evening walk around Osaka Castle
The Autumn leaves are turning

An evening walk around Osaka Castle
The Otemon(west gate) entrance, looking outward

An evening walk around Osaka Castle
The Otemon again, this time looking inward

An evening walk around Osaka Castle
The bridge to the Otemon

Osaka Castle is usually so busy, taking an evening stroll there is a great chance to see it in peace, plus the main tower looks great when it’s lit up at night!

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  1. madel on 7 August, 2014 at (23:14)

    Lovely pics and exactly the kind of article I’m looking for. We’ll be visiting Japan in November and will be arriving late afternoon. I was wondering if you can still visit the grounds/park around the castle around 6pm and take night time pics. Seems like you were able to do just that 🙂 thanks for posting!

    • James on 7 August, 2014 at (23:35)

      Hi Madel, thanks for the comment! November is a great time to visit, the park should be full of autumn colours by then. Visiting at 6pm will be no problem at all – the park and grounds are public so you can go anytime(I usually visit pretty late), but entry to the castle tower shuts around 5pm. Enjoy your trip!

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