Mini Urbex: The run-down shed

Back from a lovely(if a little wet) weekend in a cottage near Stratford Upon Avon, where an old shed at the end of the garden gave me a chance for a spot of mini urbexing with the help of my good friend Instagram.

An old tool shed and fuel store, this dilapidated building was in the process of being reclaimed by the elements and clearly hadn’t been used in years. It still housed plenty of coal along with a number of tools including shears and a carborundum file plus a bizarre collection of buttons, washers and the like.


In Japanese, ruins are known as Haikyo(廃墟), and in recent years this word has extended to describe the hobby as a whole. I’ve scoped out a few great looking sites over there so this is something I’m looking forward to getting back into during my time in Japan!

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