Gundam World 2015 at ATC Osaka

Gundam World 2015 at ATC Osaka

Posted in Gundam on 20 August, 2015

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Monday was my last day off for the Obon holiday, and the weather was terrible! […]
Washi Oshitate, Japanese paper shop in Shitennoji

Washi Oshitate, Japanese paper shop in Shitennoji

Posted in Japan on 22 June, 2015

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Came across this great store recently, if you’re interested in Japanese crafts it’s well worth […]

Tuesday Time-lapse: Tsuruhashi

Posted in Photography on 21 April, 2015

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Tsuruhashi! This area is known as Osaka’s Korea Town and spreads across a large area(the […]

Tuesday Time-lapse: Namba

Posted in Photography on 14 April, 2015

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Welcome to Namba, Osaka’s downtown, home of hundreds of restaurants, night clubs and bars. A […]

Tuesday Time-lapse: Osaka Station City

Posted in Photography on 7 April, 2015

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Osaka Station City is the name of the station and surrounding buildings in Umeda, it’s […]

Tuesday Time-lapse: Osaka Castle

Posted in Photography on 31 March, 2015

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Originally built in 1583 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the current Osaka Castle tower is actually a […]

Hanshin Tigers Week: Wednesday – Baseball Bar Toracy, Osaka

Posted in Japan on 25 March, 2015

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Couldn’t get a Koshien ticket or the team is out of town? This should be […]

Tuesday Time-lapse: Temmangu Shrine

Posted in Photography on 24 March, 2015

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Famous for being the home of Tenjin Matsuri, Osaka’s biggest summer festival, Temmangu Shrine was […]