Tuesday Time-lapse: Osaka Station City

Posted in Photography on 7 April, 2015

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Osaka Station City is the name of the station and surrounding buildings in Umeda, it’s […]

Setsubun video thing!

Posted in Japan on 4 February, 2015

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A little bit later than planned(sods law YouTube goes down while I’m uploading), but still, […]
Dotonbori River Cruise

Dotonbori River Cruise

Posted in Japan on 25 July, 2013

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Arguably the liveliest area in downtown Osaka, Dotonbori is a crazed neon jungle best visited […]
Koiya Matsuri

Koiya Matsuri

Posted in Japan on 18 September, 2012

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On Sunday, Emma and I headed over to Osakajokoen to check out Koiya Matsuri. The […]
Yamanote Line - FULL LOOP!

Yamanote Line – FULL LOOP!

Posted in Japan on 29 July, 2012

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It’s no secret I’m a real Densha Otaku, so today when I had a bit […]

Tsuyonoten Shrine(Ohatsu Tenjin Shrine)

Posted in Japan on 22 July, 2012

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Last night, Emma and I were walking back to our hotel from Osaka station when […]
Just nerfing around...

Just nerfing around…

Posted in General on 17 November, 2011

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Give me a bit of blu tack, a Nerf Barricade and my iPhone and I’ll […]

Oyasumi Kyoto – Redux

Posted in Photography on 3 January, 2011

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Over Christmas i’ve had the time to finish off various projects and dabblings which i’ve […]