Work Christmas Party 2009

Posted in Work on 14 December, 2009 (20:53)

GMG Radio Awards 2009

Friday was works annual awards ceremony / Christmas party. They always put on quite a do and this year was no exception!

The events took place at the Palace Hotel in Manchester, made my way across in the morning as the events began at 12.

Arriving at Manchester Piccadilly
Arriving at Manchester Piccadilly, nice day!

The Palace Hotel
The Palace Hotel, massive building!

Bucks Fizz reception
We were all greeted with a Bucks Fizz reception upon arrival, very nice indeed! No tuxedos this year just suits which I was far more comfortable with.

The main room
The main room, very posh and Hogwarts-looking as Rik put it. We were table number one, right at the front!

My view of the stage
My view of the stage, not bad eh!

Our host, Angus Deaton!
Our surprise host was Angus Deaton, of ‘Have I Got News for You’ and ‘Would I lie to You’ fame! He was brilliant, funny as hell!

Our award!
We were up for the Unsung Hero award, and despite not winning we were presented with a special award for contribution throughout the year!

The Three Stooges
The Three Stooges of the Design Team, AKA Myself, Marc & Rik

Time for some grub! and just as well because I was getting a bit tipsy!

Richard, Marc & Debbie
Richard, Marc, Debbie & Sarah

And the rest of the table
And the rest of the table, Rik, Victoria, Chris & Andy

The aftermath
Meal aftermath, we destroyed that table!

Everyone started getting their pose on
Everyone started getting their pose on

Not sure what's going on here!
Not sure what’s going on here!

The Sterophonics!
With food done with it was time for the main event, The Sterophonics!

For some reason the music inspired us to pose like fools!

The Digital Design Team!
The proud Digital Design Team!

When The Sterophonics finished their set we were booted out to Copperface Jacks nearby, clearly we were a bit early.

More Posing
But that was no problem, we just posed some more!

And more
And more!

And more!
And more!

Richard and Chris, and of course the award!
Richard and Chris, and of course the award!

Congrats Dixie!
Congrats also to Dixie and Gayle for winning Breakfast Show of the Year!

Heading home
Rather drunk I remembered I had to navigate my way back home from Manchester and set off towards the station..

And made it without a hitch! Was in bed for 10.30, not bad huh! Awesome night had by all I think!

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